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Yahoo Is Launching Metaverse Events For Hong Kong Citizens!

Yahoo, as we all know is an American online media company. It has unveiled a number of projects pertaining to the Metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT). It is hosting a number of online events and festivals all over Hong Kong. Now, Yahoo is launching Metaverse events for Hong Kong citizens.

According to Yahoo, these metaverse events would take place in the Decentraland metaverse. Lorraine Cheung said that Yahoo views the Metaverse as a desirable substitute for Hong Kong Citizens. People wants to enjoy and attend event after COVID-19. It is necessary to take a COVID-19 test and submit result. Only people with negative results will be allowed to attend the event. 

Meta planned to collaborate with cafés, schools, and art exhibitions to provide people with a great metaverse experience. 

More and more large firms are embracing the Metaverse. According to a study by McKinsey, the investment in the Metaverse might exceed $5 trillion by the end of 2030. JPMorgan, largest bank in US gained attention when it launched a website in the Decentraland metaverse. The released website claims that metaverse innovation had a “$1 trillion potential.”

Metaverse Is Accepting Globally

More businesses are embracing the idea of the metaverse throughout the world. According to a recent McKinsey forecast, the cost of metaverse spending may rise by 2030. 

The multinational consulting business also stated that  it may hit an all-time record of $5 trillion.

JP Morgan, a renowned American banking institution, offered some insight into the metaverse technology at the start of this year. The metaverse was referred to as a trillion-dollar alternative in the statement that grabbed attention.

The comment gained attention for several days. The company teamed up with Decentraland to build its virtual headquarters on the Decentraland metaverse in response to its statement.

The native token of Decentraland, MANA, has dramatically risen in value, according to the 24-hour price chart. It showed a noteworthy increase in the market price of 14%.

Yahoo Launching Metaverse Events And NFT Exhibition

In addition to the launch of Metaverse events, Yahoo also plans to start the NFT exhibitions soon. The exhibition will be titled as the Abyss of Kwun Tong. It will include local artists who will recreate the famous Kwun Tong area after it underwent reconstruction.

The Abyss of Kwun Tong NFT exhibition aims to preserve humanity via technology.

This information was released shortly after Meta, launched activities related to the metaverse in Hong Kong. Meta collaborated with the famous clothing brands. The Meta digital fashion marketplace is a digital store. Meta also collaborated with the national cafés, educational institutions, and art galleries. The firm, which has lately turned its focus to the metaverse, wants to explore the viability of using the metaverse in everyday life through these efforts.

Cryptocurrencies, being part of the virtual world, are gaining some traction as more established businesses begin to embrace the metaverse. MANA for Decentraland is currently trading at $0.85, up 12% on the day. The Sandbox (SAND) is now $0.88 after rising 10.25%. However, a portion of these gains might be attributed to the cryptocurrency market trying to recover from this week’s fall.

Metaverse, A New World Is Coming Soon!

Major businesses are quickly embracing the Metaverse, according to a study published this week by global consulting firm McKinsey, which predicts that expenditures tied to the Metaverse will total $5 trillion by 2030. Instead of being flat screens full of text and graphics, the web of the future will be more physically present, dynamic, and voice-based.

Just like the internet of today, it won’t be a possession that Meta or anyone else can claim. Meta has been open about the part it wants to play in creating and sustaining these technological advances, as well as how it is making significant investments to do so. However, it is also being honest about how it plans to go about creating them, working with others and acknowledging the social obligations that come along with the job.

The metaverse will incorporate economics, digital identities, decentralised government, and other applications. In addition to enabling games and social media. Even today, user-created valued assets and currency ownership contribute to the formation of a single, unified metaverse. These attributes give blockchain the capability to fuel this emerging technology. 

Yahoo launching Metaverse events, Meta collaborated with famous giants to implement Metaverse, and apple also show contribution to Metaverse through its apple metaverse crypto. These things made us believe that surely Metaverse will soon become the future!