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What Is LESLAR Metaverse? Things To Know!

Launched on the MetaVerse platform LESLAR, the project utilises blockchain and decentralised financing to build a cyber-future-themed virtual world. All users will be able to interact digitally in a variety of settings including work, leisure, and meetings thanks to this platform. Let’s go ahead and investigate the online universe.

The LESLAR Metaverse!

The LESLAR Metaverse is a virtual place with a cyberpunk aesthetic. A virtual space where all inhabitants of the metaverse may interact with one another in whatever way they choose, whether it is for socialising, recreation, or business. By bridging the gap between the physical and virtual economies, Leslar Metaverse helps to ensure the long-term viability of both. Gaming, staking, retailing, and teaching are the four mainstays of Leslar Metaverse’s economy.

The NFT Exchange

The game has the potential to benefit players, but it also has the potential to open up a market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that anybody may participate in. The marketplace on the site will include items created in limited quantities in partnership with celebrities and top musicians. Last but not least, it will serve as a venue for teaching young people about business and the Internet economy in Indonesia.

Token holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens inside the LESLAR Entertainment ecosystem for a variety of rewards, including dividends from real-world retail shops, digital and physical entertainment, and real-world FnB. Token holders will also have access to unique pricing, time slots, discounts, and events. The NFT project is now in its prototyping phase.

Targeting The Market

To that end, the company’s Marketing Manager has said, “At this time, LESLAR MetaVerse is devoting all of its effort to target the worldwide market and to fast speed the process of attaining its objective.” It is now available on the PancakeSwap exchange, with plans to soon be added to additional cryptocurrency markets such as KuCoin, Hubi Exchange, and HotBit. In order to do this, it has made ready 37% of its total supply to these crypto exchanges.

The platform has been well-received ever since it was first introduced. The initiative’s founders are Rudy Salim, Lesti Kejora, and Rizky Billar. It has had a number of notable successes, such as a private sale of 555 BNB that was completely subscribed to in only 30 seconds.

Additionally, it saw a 300% gain after becoming public. This, together with the platform’s other successes, resulted in widespread media attention. On Twitter in Indonesia, the hashtag #LESLARMETAVERSE quickly sprang to prominence.

LESLAR Metaverse Developing

Sandiaga Uno claims that “If the LESLAR MetaVerse has a solid plan in place, I have faith that it will be built shortly. Its effects are already being seen across Indonesia’s burgeoning creative sector “

In order to facilitate the trading of NFTs, Leslar Metaverse is developing an NFT Marketplace. Sooner or later, $LESLAR holders will get a share of the transaction fees generated by the Leslar Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

Participants in The Leslar Metaverse Game and the real world may stake NFT for a variety of in-game and real-world advantages.

LESLARDAO (Staking) 

Staking $LESLAR will get you access to a variety of future Clubs-only incentives. Earnings from Leslar Metaverse’s actual business operations will also be distributed to $LESLAR holders as dividends. The dispersed earnings originate from legitimate firms, which is a benefit since it ensures a steady supply of $LESLAR and low inflation.

Products From The Leslar Metaverse

Merchandise in both digital and physical formats will be available for purchase at Leslar Metaverse. The holders of $LESLAR will be compensated for their participation in this genuine business via LESLARDAO Staking.

We are a social media kingdom in Indonesia, with a combined total of almost 50 million followers from the founders’ followers, making us a potentially massive target market for our merchandise company. Consider the potential earnings of our company if just 1% of these people purchase some of our wares.

How Can I Invest In The LESLAR Metaverse ($LESLAR) Using Binance?

Buying LESLAR Metaverse is as easy as linking your cryptocurrency wallet to the DEX of your choice and purchasing the currency pair with your Binance profile, as shown in the following tutorial.

Get yourself a Binance Wallet

Binance seems to be the most well-integrated of the several crypto wallets available on the BNB Chain network. If you’re working on a desktop computer, you can use Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension to store and access your digital currency. And if it is compatible with your mobile device, you may get the wallet from Google Play or Apple App Store. If you want to get started trading on Binance, go over to their site and download the authorized Browser extension and phone app.

Acquire a Binance account and set it up.

Follow the instructions provided by the wallet’s Chrome Browser plugin or the smartphone app you installed in the previous step to enrol and start setting up your cryptocurrency holdings. For help, check out the wallet’s official help centre. Put your seed combination and wallet address in a secure place. It’s for use in subsequent procedures 4 and 6.

Invest Primarily in the BNB Chain

When you’re ready to purchase BNB Chain, log in to your Binance account and visit the Buy & Sell crypto page. New to Binance? Read our How to Buy BNB Chain article for information on creating an account and purchasing your very first cryptocurrency via the exchange.

Binance’s BNB Chain, Delivered to Your Wallet

Your BNB Chain will be available in the “Wallet” area of your Binance account shortly after purchase. Choose withdrawal and then fill out the form that pops up. Select BNB Chain as the network, then enter your wallet as well as the sum you would like to send. When you’re ready to withdraw, just press the link and your BNB Chain will show up on Binance.

Select a DEX

Different DEXs exist, so before committing to one, double-check that it supports the wallet you’ve chosen Step 2. If you have a Binance wallet, you may utilise Pancake Swap to complete the exchange.

Establish a Financial Connection

You will need to utilise the bitcoin wallet that you found in Step 2 in order to link your Binance account to the DEX that you will be utilising.

Swap Your BNB Chain for the Coin You’re After

Choose to pay with your BNB Chain by selecting that option, and choose to obtain LESLAR Metaverse coins by selecting that option.

Find the Smart Contract for the LESLAR Metaverse if it fails to Exist

If the cryptocurrency of your choice is not listed on the DEX, you may look up its smart contract address at Pancake Swap will then accept your copied information. It’s important to avoid being duped and to use the correct contract address.

Swap it out!

Once you’ve finished the instructions in the previous section, you can move on to the next phase, which is to hit the Swap option.


The goal of the Leslar metaverse initiative is to familiarise the people of Indonesia with technology and expand their horizons via education. Thanks to the owner’s established user base, Leslar metaverse positions itself as Indonesia’s and the globe’s premier metaverse location.