Vueling – An Spanish Airline Is Ready To Accept Crypto As A Payment

Global firms are ready to merge cryptocurrencies with traditional banking. Despite the slump in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto is legit as the public’s interest in cryptocurrencies looks to be strong. A well-known Spanish Airline Vueling is to accept crypto. Read the full article for more details!

According to Bank of America, public enthusiasm for the crypto industry is high despite a significant crypto market crash. According to a survey, individuals are becoming more interested in adopting cryptocurrency as an online payment in the future. Cryptocurrency is almost everywhere! From purchasing goods at a grocery store to ordering food online. We have also seen crypto in the travelling industry now. 

Partnership With Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) And BitPay

After partnering with cryptocurrency payment service provider BitPay, Vueling has become the newest airline to enter the cryptocurrency rollercoaster. Spanish airline Vueling will accept crypto including Bitcoin and 13 other digital currencies from 2023.

Vueling expects to accept Bitcoin payments thanks to partnerships with BitPay and UATP, a supplier of worldwide payment solutions. One of the top blockchain payment processors in the world, BitPay was established in 2011. Travelers will be allowed to pay for their flights using cryptocurrencies.

The Manager at Vueling, Jess Monzó also confirmed that Vueling will become a digital airline. They are excited to be featured in BitPay. Vueling Manager also said that it is the perfect partnership. It will provide their consumers with the opportunity to conduct crypto transactions reliably.

Vueling Will Accept Crypto Payments In 2023

Travelers will be able to make their bookings using their favorite cryptocurrency from the list of different cryptocurrencies as of the starting of 2023. Only people will have access to this choice. For the first time in Europe, a cheap airline, Vueling, will take cryptocurrency as payment. Other European carriers, like airBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines, had already started taking cryptocurrency payments in 2014.

The business, which has locations in North America, Europe, and South America, asserts to have handled more than $6 billion in cryptocurrency payments during the last ten years.

The airline will also collaborate with Universal Air Travel Plan Incorporated (UATP), a supplier of a payments network for transportation charges, to develop the system required to take cryptocurrencies as payment by the beginning of next year. By taking this step, Vueling would reinvent itself as Europe’s first affordable carrier to take cryptocurrencies. 

Vueling Will Accept Cryptocurrencies 

Vueling will link using UATP’s technologies for a speedy deployment phase. More than 100 wallets and thirteen different cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) will be available as a mode of payment by users to purchase their flights. 

When using a cryptocurrency, a transaction is processed as a pushing money, allowing customers to transfer the exact amount rather than withdrawing money like they would with a credit or debit card. Transactional crime, including phishing attacks, will eventually come to an end as a result of this. But only the official Vueling website will offer access to this service.

According to Merrick Theobald, the VP of Marketing at BitPay, Vueling is aware of the potential for virtual currencies to completely change the airline business by enabling cheaper, quicker, and more secure worldwide payments. We at BitPay think that cryptocurrencies are the way of the future for payments, thus we are working to make the use of cryptocurrencies easy and widespread.

More than 300 member airlines and travel retailers now have bitcoin payment alternatives thanks to a partnership between UATP, the airline-owned payment network, and BitPay.

Now Vueling Customers Must Be Happy!

In this digital era of payments, providing cryptocurrency as a method of payment to the public is essential. Travelers must exclaim with joy that the next year 2023 will be a year of low-cost travelling and people will be able to enjoy cheap flights first time in history.

After Emirates accepted crypto, Vueling also planned to accept crypto as their payment option. Travelers will be able to make payments using their crypto assets. This is a great advancement in the airline industry of Spain. In order to meet the growing desire of Vueling’s customers to make payments using cryptocurrencies, UATP and BitPay teamed together to provide this option to the airline sector. We anticipate seeing this relationship and Vueling’s use of cryptocurrencies pick up speed in this exciting moment for payments.

Some airports, such as Brisbane Airport in Australia and Caracas Airport in Venezuela, also take cryptocurrency payments.