Stash vs Betterment Review 2023: Robo-Advisor Comparison 

Stash vs Betterment Review 2023: Robo-Advisor Comparison  

Seeking knowledge to learn how to invest your money can be challenging for you, for helping you out many investment applications are coming into the market to make your investment easy. If you are new to investing in, stash and betterment are two applications to make your work easy and make your investment secure.   

Stash and betterment are the modern-day tech-driven platforms that recently gain popularity for giving low-fee, simple-to-use, convenient, offering mobile applications and interfaces, especially for young and novice investors.      

They both are the most popular and well-known Robo-advisor. If we compare both of them they are not equal in terms of facilitating users. Both platforms are not the same in various aspects such as fees, investment options and strategies, mobile experience, performances, and many other useful functions. 

In 2020, stash entered with a mighty win in its back pocket. This is a fresh start with multiple dreams to fulfill the user’s needs. Stash and betterment both are cutting-edge Robo-advisors that are designed to help and support you for long-term gain in the future. 

In this article, we are given a complete comparison for you to decide (stash vs betterment) who is better. The comparison aspects cover all the basic fundamentals of stash and betterment offering their customers. 

So, without delay, let’s get started with stash vs betterment!

Stash vs Betterment 

Stash and betterment both are online platforms, their aim is to simplify the investing process for every individual and make it easy to use for everyone. 

Stash doesn’t take over managing your money, but it gives you the tools to manage your own portfolio according to the required conditions or we can say that stash is used to manage your pre-designed portfolio for you according to your risk profile.  

The aim of Betterment is to invest for you. It’s a Robo-advisor that asks you about what is your aim for investing money and then remembering your goals while investing your money.

Offerings: Stash vs Betterment 

Offerings Stash Betterment
Minimum investment The minimum investment limit in the stash is $1.The minimum investment limit starts from $10.
Management feesPlatform charges management fees starting from $3-$9 for 30 days.The management fee charges up to 0.25% to 0.4%
Assets types You can trade ETFs and stocks while using stash.You can trade ETFs invested in US and international bonds and stocks while using betterment. 
What types of accounts are they offering 

They are offering the following account types;

  • Custodial accounts.
  • Traditional IRA.
  • Online debit account.
  • Roth IRA.

They are following the following account types;

  • High-yield reserve account for cash.
  • Inherited IRA.
  • SEP IRA.
  • Taxable accounts (individual and joint)/
  •  Rollover accounts.
  • Traditional accounts.
  • Trusts. 
  • Checking accounts. 
Distributions Withdrawal to your bank account, early withdrawal penalties applicable on traditional and Roth IRAs if your is not 59½  or more. Withdrawal to your bank account, early withdrawal penalties applicable for IRA, 401(k), and SEP account holders before the age of 59½.  
What features they offer

The features they offers are; 

  • Automated saving and investing tools for a better investing process.
  • Debit card.
  • Stock back rewards.
  • Online resources available for users.

The features they offers are;

  • Tax-loss harvesting tool.
  • Unlimited calls to financial advisors for an additional cost using the digital investing tool.
  • Automatic rebalancing for users. 
TaxesNo availability for automatic tax-loss harvesting. Tax-loss harvesting feature is available.
Best for Those investors who require guidance in choosing where they invest. Those investors who want to take money management by a hands-off approach using betterment. 

Working: Stash vs Betterment 


Stash’s working principle is simple and easy, it allows users to get started for as low as $1. It’s up to you to choose what you buy like individual stocks or ETFs with your money. Stash guides users to choose an investment that will be best fitted for their situation and requirements. Using a stash account, you have multiple choices such as you can buy fractional shares despite being restricted to full ones.  

Investors who want to invest in stash have the option to invest in Stash Smart Portfolios. These portfolios are carefully designed to enable you to invest regularly in your diversified portfolio without worrying about investing decisions. Stash has the feature to rebalance your portfolio for your needs, with the reinvesting ability to invest your dividends.  

Stash sets itself apart in both educating investors and how to use the automated process to put money into your account. The platform offers interesting offers which encourage users to invest money including rounding up purchases you started to build your name and make a stash debit card.

One of the most innovative features of the stash is its Stock-Back® plan to make stock easy. If you have an account in stash bank, stash gives you a debit card which means they will give you at least 0.125% stock back when you will qualify the merchants and make purchases using the stash debit card. If you want to buy things at local stores but they don’t allow you to sell stock in public.


As compared to stash, betterment is a little bit different. Betterment allows much more control over your money management. As your Robo-advisor, betterment asks fundamental questions to you such as risk tolerance and your investing timeline while keeping these things in mind betterment uses this information as a guide to invest your money for you.  

The money management process in betterment is automated, and you will have to pay a low fee for this exceptional service which is managing money, unlike the human investment advisor. All your invested money is placed with an ETFs fund, which is further used to fund your own shares of various US or international companies as well as bonds to make money. Betterment changes your investment methods with the passing of time to make you decide where to invest your money, at the end, you are the owner of a youed different mixed assets that will match the investing profile you create in the future.   

Betterment also allows you to use the special features that can help you to make the most of your investment in dollar currency, including the option, you will get financial advice from a human advisor. It can also provide tax-loss harvesting services, which can reduce the taxes you pay on your investment profits as well as saves time. 

Final Verdict 

Eventually, your final decision should be based on what are your goals, terms and condition, and requirements. Like, do you want to manage your own investments or want a Robo-advisor who can manage all your investments and work for you to make a profit?    

Stash vs betterment, all you need is to understand your needs, especially the fee structures. One can not use betterment to buy individual stock. The primary goal of stash vs betterment is to invest instead of to earn rewards or move the money automatically. It’s totally up to you you have to decide and make the decision based on what type of investor you are.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better? Stash vs Betterment 

Both stash and betterment are the low-cost choices for every new investor, but then if you want to choose the better platform, it depends on your needs and investing goals.  

If you want individual stocks or to manage all your investments, the stash is the best option for you. But if you want a RObo-advidor to invest your money, and maintain your portfolio, help to minimize the tax consequences of investing money, then you should consider betterment.  

Can someone make money using betterment? 

Betterment invests your money in ETFs to make an ETFs portfolio. Betterment offers diversification which produces a positive return over the passing of time. 

However, there are hidden risks with every investment, and there is always a chance maybe you could lose your money. Eventually, whether you make money depends upon multiple factors, which include market performances and your portfolio allocations as well.   

Can a person make money using a stash? 

You make money with a stash depending on your need, performance, and how much time you give to your investment. Generally, when you build a diversified portfolio of well-searched ETFs or stocks invest for the long term. You will earn a positive return on every of your investment. However, if your investment goes bad, will have the possibility you will lose the money you invested. You have to take a risk if you want to make money.