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4 Top Solana Metaverse Projects

Metaverse is the bright future where we can experience real-time virtual reality, a next-level gaming experience, and a solid social connection. We all know that Facebook rebranded itself as Meta and invested 130 billion dollars over 10 years in the Metaverse. We have compiled a list of the top 4 Solana metaverse projects in this blog. 

So, the metaverse and Solana metaverse combine hardware, AR, and VR. It escalates a new trend of communication and social connection through people, bringing them close together with the best VR experience possible.

We have seen that our Gen Z is a mastermind of gaming, and they require the most incredible experience when it comes to this industry. It is the most running one indeed. So metaverse is taking it to the next level. In this blog, we will discuss the 4 best Solana metaverse projects. Here we go!

     1. SolMoon

This focuses more on the pixelated world and the unique 2D experience. It is a powered pixel metaverse that is hosted on Solana Metaverse Blockchain. They want to create the best 2D experience through which you can enjoy the best gaming experience and play to achieve the best-pixelated world. SolMoon NFT is like a strong bond created between DEFI, NFT, and gaming.

     2. Space Falcon

Who doesn’t love a shooting game? We all love playing it. Then it would be best if you were happy because space falcon is an intergalactic classic shooter game powered by Solana network and Solana metaverse. They have recreated this shooter game with the incredible 3D experience, making you feel like it is reality. It runs on browsers and incentivizes players that are backed up by integrating blockchain technologies. If you want this baby, you can buy it from MagicDen.

    3. Portals

Who doesn’t like to design their own space according to their comfort zone? Well, guess what? You can do this on Portals in 3D style where you can build and design your own space through a drag + drop room builder option. Add your aura, posters, a slight sense of your basic interior design, and viola to make your NFT space. Portals is a web-based platform that helps you give the space for your creativity in the Solana ecosystem. It will help you give space in one of the units of Building one. NFT obviously gives you the control and ownership of your own space to experiment as much as possible. There will be a card that will store and remember everything you own and build in the portals that you will design.

    4. Afflarium

We can say that the Solana metaverse has outdone itself when it comes to Afflarium as it has the fantastic graphics, gaming experience, and the most advanced technology upon which it is built. It is a metaverse game that you can easily access through your phones, desktops, and VR. It has functioned with several blockchains like Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum. Owning or having your property or land can improve your experience on Afflarium. You can sell it quickly on this metaverse platform in stablecoins and exchange it for different tokens.


We have seen in this article that Solana metaverse is on fire with the outstanding upcoming projects that it has launched and is bringing in as a treat for the millennials and gen Z who want to be ahead when it comes to their gaming experience and VR.