Next Big Cryptocurrency For Investors To Look Out For In 2022

Cryptocurrency is a scary word for some people considering how fraudsters have taken advantage of the digital financial disruption. However, others have made fortunes by believing and investing in cryptocurrency. So, if you are someone who wants to invest in the next big cryptocurrency, you need expert assistance to choose a coin to invest in. 

All sorts of stories are available on the web, but the crypto popularity does not know a stop. There are 5,000 different virtual currencies but 1000 are actively traded. Enticing, right? Most of these coins are also paid back to investors.

What Is The Next Big Cryptocurrency?

As per experts, let’s now talk about 3 cryptocurrencies that will win in the long run.

     1. Ethereum [ETH] -The Crypto Revolution

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain founded by Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian-Russian programmer, back in 2013. It operates on smart contracts which makes it the potential next big cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022 and beyond. 

According to the latest stats, Ethereum is now trading at $3,061. Last month, we hit a low of about $2,977 with a high of about $3,077. It can be the next big cryptocurrency the world will witness.

Let’s see the Ethereum market price chart from coinmarketcap below:


Sourced from coinmarketcap –Ethereum in USD

Now, If we take a look at the one-month price chart, we can see that it started at about $2600 a month ago. The prizes kept rising with minor falls. They reached up to $3400 by the end of March; it dipped to about $3296 at the start of April. The value bounced back up to 3500 in the same week. It again had about $3200 and is right now down to the current price of $3055.

money. Concertation by large holders is at 42%.

We affirm that Ethereum is the perfect cryptocurrency for beginners. It is one of the first cryptos that paved the way for so many other projects, including nuts. As cryptos are more widely accepted, it does make sense for Ethereum to be a pioneering feat of blockchain technology. Be the beneficiary of this digital blessing. 

     2. Bitcoin (BTC) -The King Of All Crypto

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency known as ‘the original cryptocurrency.’ It was launched in 2009 by the identity, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, BTC isn’t the exact original cryptocurrency. It does have a history of attempting a few cyber currencies in the 80s. 

There is no doubt anyway that Bitcoin was the first major cryptocurrency. It is solely responsible for transforming the entire blockchain space.

Let’s dive deeper into the graph below:


Sourced from coinmarketcap –Bitcoin in USD

The Bitcoin Network is run by so many computers. It makes sure that transactions execute well through a blockchain. This was the initial conception of the blockchain. And because of this reason, BTC’s influence and importance are undeniable. And this is the reason for BTC’s high market cap. Many people invested their money into this cryptocurrency, believing in it long term. 

     3. Polkadot (DOT) – The Next Big Cryptocurrency

Polkadot is the blockchain network that empowers the integration of several blockchains. It had bridges together different blockchain networks into a single cohesive network. It also offered developers opportunities to create crypto platforms on the Polkadot network. These smaller blockchains are the para chains. 

Here’s a chart showing last year’s Polkadot price variations:


Sourced from coinmarketcap –Polkadot in USD

We see some big jumps in the cryptocurrency industry including Polkadot. With some small market adjustments, Polkadot can be the next big cryptocurrency all over, but it did reach a low of $11 back in July 2021. It was followed by a huge rally to rise to over $50 per coin. In November, we saw a big drop in Polkadot’s price. 

Bullish investors are confident there are very common reasons for Polkadot’s prices to go down in the long run. So Polkadot can be the next big cryptocurrency that you would want to keep on your list!

Precautionary Tips

  1. You can also avoid any possible setbacks by sticking to the rule of 10% money from the overall budget. 
  2. Investors can also make more effective decisions with proper research, especially if they buy undervalued assets and sell the overvalued ones. 
  3. The digital world has become a haven for scammers. So you must be vigilant with your investments. 
  4. Study the project thoroughly before investing your money. Ask people about it, and use Facebook groups or Reddit to inquire about a coin. 

You don’t have to fear anything if you are viewing the industry with a keen eye.

The Bottom Line

This is our list of the next big cryptocurrency for investors to look out for in 2022. Do your due homework before investing any of your money in any crypto. If you gain information from authentic sources, it will help you plan how to navigate your investments. 

Disclaimer: This blog is based on anecdotal data and current market movements. It’s not financial advice.