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Minecraft Stock Prices: Is it a Good Time to Invest?

In this age of technology and video gaming, Minecraft is all the rage due to the perfect blending of both features. It’s an exciting and rewarding metaverse game for users of all ages and groups. In this article, we will discuss Minecraft stock prices and whether you should invest in it.

The Mojang Studios, creators of the game Minecraft, created this game autonomously and released it officially in 2011. Minecraft has joined the ranks of top-listed indie games of our era after several years of revisions.

Owing to the size of the audience, Minecraft decided to secure its place in the stock market. It proved to be a winning decision as many investors rushed to buy Minecraft stocks while many were interested in knowing the Minecraft stock prices or whether they should be investing in Minecraft now or later.   

Minecraft Stock Prices According to NASDAQ

Minecraft’s stock price as of today is $148 according to NASDAQ. It’s a decent pricing for even new investors to purchase it. To acquire Microsoft shares, check for the NASDAQ symbol “MSFT.” 

The average year-over-year stock price for Microsoft is $282.47. There have been times, though, when the percentage has risen. For instance, Microsoft’s stock price grew to $349.67 in 52 weeks. However, it fell below its average, with the lowest price being $148  on May 17, 2022.

If you wish to keep track of Minecraft stock prices boon, you will be able to see it on the NASDAQ ticker. Furthermore, MSFT is the same symbol used in stock market transactions. But that is the essence of stock market investment and trading. Data reveals that the stocks cited change as a publicly-traded corporation throughout the year.



Although Mojang created the video game, Microsoft purchased Mojang and its copyrighted material in 2014 for around 2.5 billion dollars. Microsoft does not disclose Minecraft revenue figures as of now. 

However, Microsoft has already generated more money than they invested, thanks to Minecraft’s multiple spin-offs, movies, and various good offerings. The scope and popularity increased when Microsoft upgraded the game systems and included it in their modernized video game consoles, purchased by millions of people worldwide.

Should You Invest in Minecraft Today?

For almost a decade, Minecraft has ruled the video game world, and it keeps on going forward, which is why investing in Microsoft is a fantastic choice. Microsoft is constantly looking for new methods to increase its gaming influence. This purpose extends well beyond Minecraft development. If investors want to indirectly participate in the Minecraft brand, they should choose Microsoft.

As NASDAQ expert analysts, Microsoft’s profits are expected to expand at a 16 percent yearly rate over the next 5 years. Still, you shouldn’t don’t be shocked if the revenue grows faster, thanks to profitable growth accelerators like the metaverse, which is why, at 26 times underlying earnings, Microsoft stock looks like a no-brainer currently compared to its five-year historical valuation of 37.

The Minecraft stock price is also dependent on the game getting regular upgrades from programmers and support from dedicated gaming enthusiasts. Several updates are already proposed for the game’s development cycle in the next few years. Microsoft is also working to make Minecraft more compatible with other gaming consoles.

While you won’t be able to buy Minecraft shares directly, there are no indications that Microsoft will stop supporting the game anytime in the foreseeable future.

Despite Mojang’s creation, Microsoft purchased the intellectual property and Mojang in 2014 for $2.5 billion. Microsoft does not provide specific Minecraft revenue figures. Microsoft has more than recouped its investment along with all the spin-offs, films, books, and other Minecraft-related items. 

Investing in Minecraft: How to Do it?

There are currently no Minecraft stock prices available. Buying shares in the company’s owner is the closest you can get to Minecraft stock prices. Microsoft is a small technology corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). That’s correct. 

It is not best to order Minecraft shares directly as they are yet sold under the Microsoft share umbrella. You will not be able to find a stock symbol titled “Minecraft” if you went to a stock brokerage like NASDAQ and looked for it.

You’ll also have a substantial stake in Microsoft’s interest in the gaming business in other ways. They arrange new console technologies that revolutionize the video gaming business every year. 

Wrapping Up Minecraft Stock Prices

Microsoft seems to continue promoting and developing Minecraft so that gamers can continue to benefit from its long-lasting effect in the gaming industry. This will give a hike to Minecraft stock prices. They have interests in the new parent company Microsoft which has taken the credibility up to new levels.

Moreover, new generations of children are growing up and seeking new games in the new age. Minecraft remains a well-known name that gives tremendous potential for both gamers and shareholders as the company expands in the future.