Metaverse Stocks

6 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in 2022 (Free Guide by Market Analysts)

Metaverse — a three-dimensional world in the creation, backed by virtual and augmented reality features, has become an avenue to explore the potential of capital investments in 2022. This blog will discuss the top metaverse stocks to buy in 2022.

Facebook, Microsoft, Autodesk, and many other tech giants have taken their companies to metaverse to revolutionize the concept of technology and business. 

There is gamification as play to earn, NFTs, workspaces, and real estate investments, so the opportunities are huge for an investor. However, having this many options may baffle you to choose the best metaverse stocks to buy in 2022. 

Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in 2022

This list includes some very common yet rewarding stocks like Meta, AutoDesk, and some new booming gaming stocks that are predicted to give good returns. 

  1. Meta [FB]
  2. AutoDesk [ADSK]
  3. Microsoft [MSFT]
  4. Nvidia [NVDA]
  5. Shopify [SHOP]
  6. Roblox [RBLX]

Let’s now explore what makes these metaverse stocks worth buying in 2022.

Meta [FB]

Facebook is one of the early adopters of metaverse technology. The tech company spearheaded the journey for other market players by rebranding its year-old company as Meta in 2021. 

Meta stocks are a viable investment because the company stands at US$561.16 billion in market capitalization, and it’s all set to go up by introducing digital avatars in VR and AR. People can meet and socialize in the metaverse using Meta avatars.

Meta is among the best metaverse stocks to buy while investing in metaverse hardware offered by Meta [FB]. 

AutoDesk [ADSK]

AutoDesk [ADSK] is a 3D architectural company that allows designers to create structures in a digital format. Many developers are now intrigued to use the software to leverage metaverse gaming for 3D animations and building games. 

AutoDesk has made massive sales and returned investors with 23% just after a quarter year of its launch. The SaaS currently has around $186 million in free cash flow, but more investments are coming in. 

AutoDesk [ADSK] has redefined the design experience, and there seems to be no limit to its potential. 

Microsoft [MSFT]

Microsoft’s $2.5 trillion valuations come third in our anecdotal list of best metaverse stocks to buy in 2022. The software company is already ahead of its contemporary service set and has offered 365 Connected Spaces by Microsoft Dynamics to streamline the workspaces. 

Microsoft also collaborated recently with Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI) to promote the metaverse gaming experience. Why is Microsoft one of many best metaverse stocks to buy? Because this alliance is going to bring MSFT $400 million business on a monthly basis, that will benefit the shareholders in turn.

Nvidia [NVDA]

A graphic chip company, NVIDIA, founded in 1993, has graphics cards under v and Tesla that have made every superhero movie from Batman to Spider-Man worth watching. The tech company manufactures device drives, computing chips, and hardware.

Metaverse is based entirely on virtual and augmented reality and relies heavily on graphics for gamification and chips for a premium digital experience for its users. Nvidia (market cap $643.41 Billion) also supports automotive, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc. 

Shopify [SHOP]

Shopify is a payment service based in Canada with a market valuation of $193.5 billion. The payment service has helped businesses of all scales to thrive using its platform with better reach and wider service. 

The company has recently introduced augmented reality through App Primer for users to test the effects of their purchase. Shopify comes into the picture by offering easy and secure payment gateways to metaverse crypto transactions. 

Shopify has also opened up to metaverse by launching a project with peer-to-peer NFT buy and sell. These factors make Shopify a lucrative metaverse contributor and one of the best metaverse stocks to buy.

Roblox [RBLX]

Video games are all the rage in this era, and Roblox, besides being among the best metaverse stocks to buy, is one such video game with a monthly user base of 43.2 million players. That’s not all. Roblox has its crypto token as well. 

Roblox is a bigger umbrella covering several other video games. Different developers help the company build new, interactive, and tech-friendly games for its players. Gamers have to purchase RBLX tokens to access the gaming space.

The video game company also purchased Gilded to connect with its community and streamline better gaming experiences. Metaverse, in fact, is aiming for exactly the same. So, there’s hardly any chance that Roblox will fail your expectations. 

There are many other metaverse companies, but you must do your research before making the decision. With a list of the top 6 best metaverse stocks to buy, we thought to clear a few of your doubts by the end of this blog.

Are Metaverse Stocks Worth Your Investment?

Metaverse stocks are total with it in 2022 and beyond this year. There are better games, social interactions, tourism, and everything in between is going virtual. People are looking for better encounters out of the ordinary, and the metaverse is going to do just that. 

Companies like the ones mentioned above are contributing big time to metaverse’s progress. So, considering the stats and expert market analysts’ predictions, investing in some of the best metaverse stocks to buy will pay off. It’s definitely a rewarding journey. 


Buying stocks is an age old investment practice, and many investors have made fortunes by joining the right sources. However, there have been instances where companies went bankrupt, causing serious monetary damage. 

There are fluctuations in prices, but stocks are still safer than investing crypto if you are somebody who doesn’t understand the trading math. Plus, there is inherent volatility. Stock investment, on the other hand, is comparatively less volatile.

As we conclude, remember that none of the information provided in the blog is financial advice. Its analytical data is not factual. You have to put good thought into your decision before hopping on the bandwagon.