Metaverse Stocks

Ultimate Metaverse Stock List to Watch in 2022

Did you ever think that you’ll be able to meet your best friends from miles away in real-time? That too, in your lounge? It’s all possible now because of the metaverse. Investors are flooding in to track metaverse stock list so they can earn a good residual by supporting metaverse stocks. 

It’s all a gift of virtual and augmented reality. But that’s not all. 

Metaverse is becoming global as more companies are participating in nourishing the new technology believing in the massive opportunities metaverse has to offer. 

We have analyzed the trends and come up with a list to give you some insider insight. Let’s dive in. 

Metaverse Stock List – All You Need to Know

Metaverse is conceptualizing how we used to see the world. There are experiences like never before. Artists are performing concerts, users are earning NFTs playing games, and people attend meetings in their digital workspaces without time difference. 

Now we are headed towards buying stocks in the metaverse. There are all kinds of speculations about which stocks will do well in the long run, but we didn’t want to shower you with confusion. 

Look at the metaverse stock list below to begin. 

  1. Nvidia
  2. Adobe
  3. Roblox
  4. Unity Software
  5. Meta
  6. International Business
  7. Matterport 
  • Nvidia [NVDA]

Nvidia is a leading gaming company, and it’s all the rage this year when we talk about metaverse stocklists with winning results. The nature of the stock is AI which is one of the top reasons why Nvidia is trending in every top metaverse stock list this year.

The company is succeeding as its Omniverse improves developers’ and gamers’ metaverse exposure with 3D design and tools to build games and locations. Nvidia’s GPUs also have a huge role as more and more market giants will need graphics cards to enhance their projects in the metaverse. 

  • Adobe [ADBE]

Adobe is already rocking the digital industry through its online media software like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and more. Like many other big names, the company has now leveled up to Aero. The new addition has made Adobe secure the second spot in our top metaverse stocks list. 

Adobe’s CEO is pumped up to make metaverse more interesting with his Aero, the AR authority platform’s introduction. Aero has a toolset of 2D, 3D, typography, interior design, animated shapes, and sounds to create games and other projects in the metaverse. 

  • Roblox [RBLX]

Metaverse is for everybody, but most players that score good points are gaming companies like Roblox. The video gaming company is in the third position on the metaverse stock list and has introduced avatars in the metaverse. Users can create their own identities as they like and play virtual games by paying for avatars in cryptocurrency. 

Roblox [RBLX] is not your basic video game, but it’s a whole set of video games developed by top-tier programmers every month. The gaming company is now reaching for the sky by collaborating with other gaming equipment companies. Since metaverse is all about play-to-earn games this year, Roblox has a bright future shining in the eyes of investors.

  • Unity Software [U]

You may be reading the Unity Software name first, but the IT company has provided software for almost half of your favorite mobile applications. Yes. Today, the Unity software company has credits for nearly 70% of the top 1,000 mobile games. 

Do you want to know what makes Unity Software one of the prominent companies in our top metaverse stocks list? It’s the tech company’s Weta platform integration. Yes, Weta is something very similar to the metaverse. Its information may look new, but it’s not insignificant. Game of Thrones has used Weta Digital to create awe-striking effects. 

  • Meta [FB]

Facebook, renamed Meta after years, is probably the most common and most used social platform today. The company has extended its assets and bought Instagram with WhatsApp. Imagine what Meta can bring to the world of social interactions now. Meta has a noteworthy role in bringing the metaverse’ to the public’s attention. 

The CEO Meta has come into the metaverse to revive it. He has set his eye on the goal of bringing 1 billion people into the digital world. Meta’s move will help open the digital gates for the mainstream public, but it will also boost the economy by having a strong foundation in the IT industry.

International Business Machine Corporations [IBM]

Like every other best metaverse stock list, IBM is a part of this one. The tech company has a reputation in IT with hardware and software production. IBM has been nurturing technology since the beginning of the tech era.

IBM aims to put forward AI to streamline human and technology interaction. The company has a solid track record in terms of revenue. 

IBM is now revolutionizing its systems, so it may take a steady start, but it’s already in the metaverse stock list for 2022. IBM will be a haven for frightened investors to step up their stock investments. 

Matterport [MTTR]

Matterport [MTTR] is the underdog in the metaverse stock list this year. The company is relatively smaller than others, but it certainly has a promise to prove its worth. With a market capitalization of $4 billion total, Matterport is set to hunt down the market elephants. The journey has just started, but experts see great potential. 

What difference has Matterport made to be a part of one of the best metaverse stock lists? The company has worked to create a digital copy of everything you have in the physical world. Fascinating, right? You can be in the metaverse but still, feel like you’re home. You can create a twin of almost every physical asset you have and take it to the metaverse. 


Metaverse is a booming, digital world. Only those who make up their minds earlier can hold a spot in the rewards. You can begin your adventure by researching any of the stocks from the metaverse stock list. 

Disclaimer: None of the information shared in this blog is financial advice. It’s research-based information created on current market conditions for the metaverse stock list as of March 29, 2022.