How To Buy XRP UK With a Bank Card:  Step-By-Step Guide 

Many investors aren’t sure of the best crypto exchanges to buy XRP; thus, this guide will help you choose one with the lowest fees possible when purchasing with a credit card. The best sites to purchase Ripple (XRP), how to buy XRP UK, and other relevant details are provided here. Investors will find a long-term investment opportunity by buying XRP.

Top 3 Bank Card-Accepting Platforms to Buy XRP in 2023

After considering several factors, we’ve compiled a list of the top brokers where you may use a credit card to purchase XRP in 2023. Please find below our recommended readings:

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, supporting over 2500 different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Over 30 million people throughout the world utilise this NASDAQ-listed service. It can be used by crypto investors of all experience levels. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Ripple (XRP), are currently available. 

It can operate in 100 countries since it has the authorization to send money there. It has the most liquidity of any exchange. 

It’s one of a kind instructional application designed to teach people how to trade cryptocurrencies. Users may make instantaneous XRP purchases on the site using a credit card. The standard cost for using Coinbase is 3.99%. When you sell your shares, there will be a 1.49 per cent fee charged. Change over to Coinbase Pro if you’re looking for cheaper costs. 

Instead of using a platform with exorbitant commissions that would eat into your profits, you may try eToro. Just $2 is required to open a Coinbase account. Coinbase accepts credit card purchases of XRP.

2. Binance

Binance is a reliable marketplace because of its reputation for supporting substantial daily trade volumes. About $60 billion worth of cryptocurrency trades is handled daily on Binance. If you want to purchase XRP with a credit card or one of several other payment methods, the Binance platform is a good alternative. 

It has more listings and features than many other well-known exchanges, and it supports roughly 150 different crypto assets. Both futures and margin trading are made easier with this. Maker and taker costs are only 0.1%, while the charge to use a credit card to fund your account is only 1.8%. 

The Binance Earn programme allows users to stake cryptocurrency assets in the upcoming projects of the Binance Launchpool platform in exchange for BNB. Binance accepts credit card purchases of XRP. There is a potential for loss of principal.

3. eToro

If you want to use a credit card to purchase XRP, eToro is the finest site to do it.  Due to its user-friendly design, eToro is a great option for those who are new to trading and would want to purchase XRP. eToro is a good place for newcomers to the world of crypto trading because of how easy it is to get started. Both inexperienced and seasoned investors can benefit from the many trading tools provided by this cryptocurrency broker. 

It has a copy trading platform where you may mimic the moves of successful traders. eToro allows users to buy XRP with a credit card and engage in cryptocurrency trading against fiat currency. To participate in the market, a minimum deposit of $25 is required. Traders on eToro pay no fees whatsoever. 

Funding your eToro account is free of charge. Select eToro as your broker if you wish to purchase XRP with a credit card and pay no fee. When it comes to investing, crypto assets are a risky bet because they are not backed by anything.

How To Buy XRP UK By Using eToro?

As eToro accept bank card It will be more convenient for you to use the Etoro platform directly on our recommendation; here are the basic steps to take.

1. Sign Up For eToro

Make a free account on eToro by visiting their website.

2. Provide Identification And Upload It

Having strict rules and regulations as a trading platform There is a mandatory “Know Your Customer” process that must be completed before trading on eToro. Passports and driver’s licences are acceptable forms of ID. 

A recent utility bill or bank statement is required to verify your current residence. The app is preferred by many users over the desktop version, even though both offer identical functionality. This mobile software may be used on both Android and iOS smartphones.

3. Funds Must Be Deposited Into The Account

When making a deposit, choose a credit card as your payment option. eToro makes it simple to fill your account with a credit card deposit.

4. Buying XRP

Enter “XRP” or “Ripple” into the search field, and then choose the result. After that, select “Trade” in the menu bar’s upper right-hand corner.


How To Buy XRP UK With Other Platforms In 4 Easy Steps

1. Find a Reputable Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Or Broker

You may purchase XRP using either a cryptocurrency exchange or a cryptocurrency broker, but they operate in somewhat different ways. Exchanges facilitate the buying and selling of digital currency between buyers and sellers. A broker works as a go-between for you while transacting in the marketplace.

If you’re just starting in the investment world and need to use a fiat currency (AUD in Australia) to purchase crypto, you’ll want to make sure you select an exchange that deals in fiat currencies in addition to crypto.

If you decide to go with a broker instead, you should be aware of any restrictions on withdrawing funds from that broker’s platform. To increase the safety of your XRP holdings, you cannot use a crypto wallet.

2. Decide On a Payment Method

The majority of markets let you fund your trading account with funds from your bank account, crypto wallet, or credit or debit card. There might be additional costs associated with your transaction, depending on the method you use to pay. If you make a cash advance on a credit card, the card issuer will charge you a higher interest rate than they would for a regular transaction.

3. Buy Your XRP

Find the XRP currency on your preferred exchange and input the desired investment amount.

4. Select Safe Storage

Cryptocurrencies like XRP are not covered by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) in the same way that a bank account containing fiat cash is. This implies that in the event of theft, loss of access credentials, or the exchange’s or broker’s insolvency, you would not be entitled to rapid repayment.

While a broker might not allow you to choose where your XRP is held, an exchange that has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet does not prevent you from keeping some of your XRP in other wallets, either “hot” or “cold.”

As a result of their internet location, hot wallets are more accessible but also more vulnerable to theft. Hardware wallets, or “cold wallets,” are auxiliary data repositories that are kept in a physically separate location. 

Their increased security comes at the cost of potentially permanent inaccessibility if the owner misplaces their access credentials. A cost may be incurred while sending XRP from one wallet to another.

In What Ways Should One Invest In XRP?

Ripple Labs’ XRP ranks well as a cryptocurrency due to its low transaction fees and simple design. The system can process 1,500 transactions per second, making it a viable alternative to more conventional means of making purchases. In addition to being rapid and cheap, the technology is also dependable. Analysts have speculated that if and when the banking system begins to rely on cryptographic reserves, XRP would be a popular option.

XRP is supported and endorsed by a wide range of prestigious financial organisations and has formed several large collaborations. Ripple also had Google’s early assistance throughout its formative years.

Ripple is one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies in circulation right now, making it a reliable coin. A market capitalization of $50 billion suggests that the coin is quite safe for investors. Everyone is looking for a stable cryptocurrency to invest in, and XRP fits the bill.


At the moment, XRP looks like a good investment option. eToro is one such platform that allows you to buy XRP using a credit card in addition to PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, debit cards, and more, all with no trading commissions. Even if you have no expertise in trading, you may still profit from your investments by opening a free account and taking advantage of tools like copy trading. Established companies like MoneyGram and American Express have formed ties with Ripple.

In addition, investors in the United States and the United Kingdom need just put up of a ten-dollar minimum. When it comes to investing, crypto assets are a risky bet because they are not backed by anything. You can get assistance from trading bots like anchor.

In addition, 68% of retail investor accounts with this supplier end up in the red after engaging in CFD trading. Investing entails a considerable risk of loss, therefore, you need to decide if you can afford to make that investment.