How To Buy Stocks Online In Today’s Market

Nowadays, investing in the stock market is a good decision to potentially grow your wealth in a short span of time, but it is intimidating for those who are novices. With numerous opportunities to consider, it can be difficult to understand where to start the stock journey. However, buying stocks online is now easier than before, and with some knowledge and research, anyone can start building a diversified investment portfolio. 

To invest in stocks online, the initial step is to establish a brokerage account, which can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once the account is set up and you have deposited funds, you can browse and select the companies you wish to invest in and make the necessary purchases.  

The process of buying stocks online may appear complicated initially, but it is actually quite easy and simple. To assist you in understanding how to buy stocks online, here are five steps that can guide you through the process.

Let’s start! 

Steps To Buy Stocks Online 

Here we’ll look into five simple steps to buy stocks online. Let’s get started!

1. Selection Of An Online Stockbroker

A convenient method to invest in stocks is via an online stockbroker. Once you have established and financed your account, it is possible to buy stocks in a few minutes by using the broker’s website. There are some alternative platforms offering services such as using a full-service stockbroker or buying stock directly from the stock-selling company. Establishing an online brokerage account is as simple as creating a bank account, you just need to fill out a complete application, furnish your identity proof and decide whether to fund the account by mailing a check or transferring funds through an e-check.  

2. Research The Stocks You Want To Buy

Once you’ve established and funded your brokerage account, it’s time to plunge into the business of selecting stocks to fulfill your investment needs. A good place to begin is by researching those companies you already know about them from your expertise as a customer. Avoid allowing the vast amount of information and market fluctuations to confuse you while conducting research part. Keep your objective clear, the aim of researching is to identify companies in which you wish to acquire ownership.     

After identifying these companies, it’s essential to conduct a research plan. Begin with the company’s yearly report, specifically on the management’s letter to shareholders. This letter will give you an overview of the company’s currency status and provide insight into the numbers included in the report.    

After reading a yearly report, most of the data and analytical tools to evaluate the business can be accessed through the broker’s maintained website, such as SEC filings, conference call transcripts, recent news, quarterly earnings updates, and more. Several online brokers also offer tutorials on how to use their platform, and its tools and give conduct basic seminars on how to choose stocks. 

3. Decision Of How Many Stock Shares You Want To Purchase  

You should feel no pressure to buy a certain number of stock shares or fill your whole portfolio with stock at a time. You can start with paper trading, using a stock market simulator tool, to get your feet moist. By using the paper trading method, you can learn how to buy stocks online using play money. If you are not ready to invest your real money down for the fear of risks, So in that scenario you can start with a very less amount of investment. You could just buy a single stock share to get a feel of what’s like to own if you have your individual stocks and whether you are enough brave to ride through the rough mend patches with minimal loss. After this, you can add to your position with the passage of time as you master the shareholder the brag. 

A novice stock investor might want to look at fractional shares, which is a feature offered by some online brokers that let you purchase a portion of a stock instead of a full share of the money. This means you can invest or trade in expensive stocks with a smaller amount of money. The few online stock brokers offering financial shares are SoFi Active Investing, Robinhood, and Charles Schwab with various features. Additionally, various brokers have a tool that has the ability to convert dollar amounts to an equivalent number of shares, which can be useful if you want to invest a specific amount, such as $500 or more, and find out how many shares you would be able to purchase.  

4. Choosing Of Order Type 

Don’t let the jargon and technical terms on your broker’s online order page discourage you. Use the table mentioned below to understand the basic stock trading terms easily. 

Vocabulary Terms Understanding/Definitions 
Ask Buyers: The price that sellers are willing to accept for the stock.
Bid Sellers: The price that buyers are willing to pay against the stock.
Stop-Loss Order After a stock reaches a certain price cost, the stop price rate, a market order is executed and the complete order is placed with the induing price rate.
Stop-Limit order When the stop price is met, the trade convert into a limit order, and is placed until the specified price limits are acquired.
Market order A request to buy or sell stock online, at the best price rate.
Limit order A request to buy or sell stock online, only at a fixed or above price rate. 
Spread The difference between the lowest price ask vs highest bid price 

While there are numerous advanced trading strategies and types of orders available, it’s not necessary to use them at this time, or even at all. Many investors have had success by only using two types of order; including,  

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order

4. Optimizing Stock Portfolio 

We wish for your initial stock purchase to be the start of an everlasting and successful investment journey. However, if things become challenging, it’s important to remember that even successful investors such as Buffet experience. The main goal to achieve success, in the long run, is to maintain a balanced perspective and work hard with a focus on the thing you can control. The fluctuations in the stock market are not in our hands to maintain or reduced. But, there are a few important factors one should be able to control. 

  • Once you become familiar with the process of buying stocks, take the time to explore other areas of the investment such as mutual funds.
  • Consider setting up a retirement account like an IRA in addition to your brokerage account. 
  • Establishing a brokerage account and purchasing stocks is an excellent first step, but it’s only the beginning of your investment journey.   

The Bottom Line

To help you be successful when buying stocks online, here are some tips to keep in mind. Find a broker that offers easy-to-use features, research stocks you are interested in, and decide how much you want to invest, choose an order that works best for you and your investment needs, and keep an eye on your stocks all time. By implementing the steps mentioned in the article, you will be good on your way to building a professional stock portfolio for your future.