Which Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs are Predicted to Win in 2022?

Cryptocurrency is a speculative trade. Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are surging, while prominent crypto coins like Terra and Luna are experiencing a slumping crash. Bitcoin has been down, and Terra has been leading. Nothing is certain. Who do you listen to when you seek expert investment advice? To help you explore the digital currency market safely, we have studied a ton of reports and created this list of best cryptocurrency trading pairs based on long-term investment choices.

Crooks are eager to defraud investors of their tirelessly earned funds in the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, influencers may not be a safe guess following genuine crypto predictions. While their words and ideas may be correct in the end, they do not always contribute to your journey.

What’s a Crypto Pair?

A crypto pair analyzes the value of two different crypto coins. ETH/BTC is the fastest-growing bitcoin pair. Trading pairings show how much of one unit you can buy with a certain amount of another. 

Taking the BTC/ETH example, you can find out how much one Ethereum token are worth in Bitcoin with this cryptocurrency trading pair.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs According to Coinmarketcap

It’s important to diversify your investment portfolio throughout the cryptocurrency market to acquire lucrative experience at the finest cryptocurrency trading pairs. This is what we’ve sought to achieve with our top 4 recommendations.

  1. BTC/ETC
  2. LTC/BTC
  3. XRP/BTC
  4. LTC/ETH

BTC is the most actively exchanged and integrated digital asset in the crypto market. Yet, if you choose trading pairs with low trading activity or trade on a less popular exchange, correlation tends to lessen. 

This correlation leads to market illiquidity, which provides a chance for arbitrage trading. Arbitraging bitcoin trading pairs is a sophisticated trading plan not suggested for newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry.

Lets delve into the details of each crypto trading pair from this point on.

  1. BTC/ETH

Bitcoin and Ethereum are top trading cryptocurrency trading pairs today. The trading value of BTC/ETH is $14.68 decreased by 2.40 on May 24th, 2022. The coinmarketcap gives you correct facts instantaneously. Bitcoin’s current valuation trend is downward, as BTC has dropped 26.40 percent in the last month. 

BTC/ETH Price Data:


All time high: $4,891.70 59.32% (November 16, 2021)

All time low: $0.4209 472701.51% (October 21, 2015)

Market cap: 279.479M

       2. LTC/BTC

Litecoin and bitcoin secure the second position in our list of top cryptocurrency trading pairs to invest in. The pair has been exceptionally good in the price charts. According to Coinmarketcap’s precise real-time crypto converter, today’s LTC to BTC conversion rate is $0.002379 BTC. The cryptocurrency trading pair is up 0.89 percent just in the previous 24 hours.

LTC/BTC Price Data:


All time high: $412.96 82.74% (May 10th, 2021)

All time low: $$1.11 6301.08% (January 13, 2015)

Market cap: 169,403M

     3. XRP/BTC

Ripple and Bitcoin or XRP/BTC predictions and current data is telling a great story to crypto investors who have invested in the cryptocurrency trading pairs. There’s not much data available on the trading pair but the price chart is proof of how the world is interacting and valuing the pair.

XRP/BTC Price Data:


This chart indicates that we are in an investment stage that might extend until 2025, after which we could witness a breakthrough and revisit before shooting up to the ones like 2017 peak levels. 

All time high: N/A

All time low: N/A

Market cap: N/A

     2. LTC/ETH

Litecoin and Ethereum are among the famous cryptocurrency trading pairs as both of the cryptocurrencies have been in investor’s good books. As per Coinmarketcap, the current LTC to ETH exchange rate is 0.03494 ETH, down 1.63 percent in the last 24 hours. 

As LTC has dropped 34.37 percent in the previous 30 days, the present price direction of Litecoin is downward. But, Ethereum has been stable which adds to the profitability. 

LTC/ETH Price Data:


All time high: $412.96 82.74% (May 10, 2021)

All time low: $1.11 6301.08% (January 14, 2015)

Market cap: 2,953,473  

There are a dozen cryptocurrency trading pairs that will come up on Google’s results when you search for them. We have picked these 4 after studying others and seeing the trends. However, there are chances that these pairs can go wrong because there are no guarantees in the crypto world. 


If you want to trade lesser-known crypto on an exchange, you’ll almost certainly need to own one of the base cryptocurrencies listed in the blog. Traders should verify which base currencies are recognized at their preferred exchange and which trading pairs the exchange offers before jumping into trading pairs.