Cheap NFTs To Buy Today for a Good ROI

You might have looked up some investment possibilities on the web when you first heard about NFTs. You discovered that buying NFTs costs thousands of dollars. Don’t worry. This post will give you some cheap NFTs to buy that will take only a few hundred bucks or less! 

Though they had been around only for a while in 2017, non-fungible tokens witnessed a surge of $17 billion in 2021. But what exactly are NFTs? In a nutshell, they are one-of-a-kind digital properties. 

Let’s start with the NFT space’s cheaper investment possibilities. We will discuss what NFTs are and the top 5 cheap NFTs to buy this year. 

What Are NFTs?

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a combination of digital collectibles and creativity. They also enable artists and entrepreneurs to generate more income than ever before from their production. 

Most NFTs are available for peanuts, while some have been purchased for huge sums. A Beeple painting was auctioned at $69 million, marking it the most priced NFT ever.

NFTs, unlike bitcoin, pounds, or dollars, are not transferable. Each has a specific token ID stored on the blockchain, allowing buyers to assess who holds what. Some of the NFTs didn’t win in the market, a few have been worth hundreds of thousands, if not huge amounts of money.

List of 5 Cheap NFTs to Buy 

Investing in the cheap NFTs to buy isn’t a straightforward task. You have to pick the assets with the chance to explode off. That’s where big money lies. 

It could take a few tries and some failures; however, if you follow our checklist for finding and purchasing low-cost NFTs, your likelihood of earning a profit increases.

      1. Flyfish Club

Flyfish Club NFT  is unique in that it is the first and only NFT member-only exclusive club in the league. It is the first of our cheap NFTs to buy. Those who purchase one of these sculptures will have access to 10,000-square-foot private dining space in New York City. It works seamlessly with the ordinary subscription and allows you to reserve a seat for up to 8 participants.

Why FlyFish Club?

The Flyfish token, first available for 2.5 Ethereum ($8,400), grants access to the restaurants and cocktail bar. It’s available at a good rate but has the potential to shoot through the sky in near future.

      2. Azuki  

Azuki is a set of 10,000 characters that grant people access to ‘The Garden,’ a virtual space where creators, architects, and Web 3.0 enthusiasts may meet and discuss the direction of decentralization. Consider an old-school coffee house for intellectuals, except with megapixels. These $3,400 anime-style creatures sold out in three minutes, roughly $29 million. 

Why Azuki?

On every Azuki NFT resale, Chiru Labs, the company behind Azuki, receives a 5% royalty. As a result, it has received an additional $15 million in royalties compared to the $31 million it received in the initial Azuki IPO.

      3. Dippies

The Dippies aim to build a Dippies-style digital hippy cult. Because of this campaign, there are flowers and a lot of color in the Metaverse. There’s Woodstock, flowers, and psychedelic art. 

The Dippie NFT collection, one of the cheap NFTs to buy, aims to bring folks in the same manner that the classic hippie movement did: Dippies are fighting to upset the status quo, and many of them are using cryptocurrencies to do so.

Why Dippie?

Dippie accepts proposals from its community to shape the future of DippieDAO. The DippieDAO will receive 5% of all prime mint royalties and 25% of all secondary market rewards. You can decide on how the taxes are spent and apply for paid roles within the club if you have a Dippie.

      4. Art Blocks

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based site that provides NFT buyers worldwide with unique, programmable, and on-demand dynamic NFT art. This NFT marketplaces sells limited-edition digital art by well-known artists in limited editions. The platform achieves this through NFT launches or drops, a method in which a user mints an NFT but has no idea what they’ll get.

Why Art Blocks?

The system’s Curated collection is its most well-known feature. Anyone can purchase almost any Curated Art Block, but the Chromie Squiggle is among the most prominent, starting at roughly 5 ETH ($16,000). 

      5. is more of a marketplace than a personal initiative. Moreover, it seeks to provide sports lovers with the best and cheap NFTs to buy. Tom Brady was a co-founder of the initiative, which had a lot of support and an expert panel with many major personalities in sports.


Over 100,000 NFTs have already been sold by Autograph at prices below $12, giving buyers greater access to become regular investors.


NFTs were first launched and minted on the blockchain, and they are relatively inexpensive when newly released. That’s why it’s crucial to track them down to get a first buyer advantage and understand all there is to know about them before they go live. Use our guide to leverage the chances.