Celebrities In Bitcoin: The Number Keeps Increasing As More Celebrities Invest In Bitcoin

When cryptocurrency first emerged, only some people understood what it was and how it worked. Many people had trouble simply understanding them, much alone being involved with them, due to the complexity of their nature. However, cryptocurrency started to gain traction as word spread about them. For a long time, only engineers, developers, and business owners put money into them. Upon its introduction, few predicted Bitcoin would grow to become what it is today. Developers were the biggest fans, turning become millionaires after it hit USD 60,000. However, a number of A-listers obviously made the right call by betting on it. Here are the top celebrities in bitcoin.

Mr. Elon Musk

Tesla’s Techno king may be the most well-known person in the Bitcoin world, despite his frequent mockery of Bitcoin on Twitter. Simultaneously, he is the most influential person in the Bitcoin sector. In January 2021, when he tweeted the hashtag “#Bitcoin,” all hell broke loose, sending the price of Bitcoin (BTC) up by 25%. He said his company invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, representing 7.7 percent of Tesla’s total cash position and almost 15 percent of its net cash position.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, is an avid proponent of Bitcoin. In 2017, he started advocating for Bitcoin because he knew it will be the next king currency. Dorsey seemed undaunted by the bearish trend in cryptos in 2018, and he often maintained to declare Bitcoin the “next medium of exchange,” notwithstanding Bitcoin reaching a new all-time low throughout the course of the year. It was revealed in March of this year Dorsey regularly invests numerous thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, who is famed for his competitive life as a boxer and his prominence on social networking sites, was among the initial superstars to see the possibilities of Bitcoin. He was overjoyed to be a participant in the electronic revolution and to celebrate his participation, he collaborated with the manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs and had his face tattooed on the machines. Furthermore, “Iron Mike” has partnered with Bitcoin Direct to provide a BTC mobile wallet.

Maisie Williams

Actress Maisie Williams, who portrays Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones,” got in on the Bitcoin action in 2020 after seeking her Twitter followers for help getting started with the cryptocurrency. She did it nonetheless, even though most of the responses warned her against it.

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, a proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks as well as a millionaire shark, appears to possess mixed feelings about Bitcoin. At one time he suggested that individuals invest at least 10% of their wealth in Bitcoin, and then he said that he preferred bananas over Bitcoin. However, he clarified afterward that he had been a crypto investor since Coinbase’s inception and owned a wide variety of coins.

“Snoop Dogg”

As early as 2012, when bitcoin was in its infancy, Snoop started his bitcoin adventure. The musician accepted Bitcoin as payment for his music. At the current price of bitcoin, one poster LP will set you back almost $14,000. There is no way to determine how many CDs he has sold or how much Bitcoin he has since he hasn’t revealed either number.

Steven Seagal

Although his precise Bitcoin holdings are unknown, the actor and aikido martial arts teacher has become a well-known personality in the cryptocurrency industry. In 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused him of “unlawfully marketing” a BTC competitor, and he agreed to pay a fine of $314,000.


Kanye West

Kanye West, a vocal supporter of bitcoin, was quoted as saying that the virtual currency “symbolizes America’s eventual liberation.” He was expressing his admiration for bitcoin’s position as the most well-known cryptocurrency. The American rapper may have a significant quantity of bitcoin, although this is uncertain.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The world-famous boxer is among the most prominent celebrities who have bitcoin. In 2017, he tweeted about how he was wasting his bitcoin money on a lavish lifestyle in Beverly Hills. SEC issued a penalty against DJ Khaled throughout 2018 for marketing a fake ICO.

Lionel Messi

It is generally agreed that Lionel Messi is one of the finest performers of all time, if not the most reasonable. Since joining Barcelona in 2003, Messi’s goals, dribbles, and abilities have routinely caused magic on the pitch. In addition, Messi has a solid understanding of blockchain applications. The Argentinian superstar has been designated the global brand ambassador for Sirin Labs, a producer of blockchain-based secure mobile and all-in-one PCs. Messi is a brand recognized throughout the globe and is considered a celebrity. Many people seem to admire him. Following his inspirational Instagram post, he shared his passion for blockchain technology. Consequently, many individuals started to view blockchain from some kind of new perspective.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson, a businessman from the United Kingdom, is the man responsible for establishing the Virgin Group. In 2014, Branson was a member of a $30 million funding round led by BitPay, a network for processing Bitcoin payments. Though he declined to disclose his title or the number of Bitcoins he has, he did acknowledge the “potential benefits of genuine Bitcoin developments” while remaining tight-lipped about his own Bitcoin holdings.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, a famous actor from Hollywood, is also a major tech investor and blockchain proponent. Kutcher is an inspiration to many, and his support of Bitcoin only helps the industry. I believe cryptocurrencies are absolutely getting progressively more important,” he told CNBC in 2013.


For the time being, let’s pretend Logic is busy collecting the riches. His announcement to put $6 million into Bitcoin came just before the price began to skyrocket in 2020, and he did so because he thought it was a good investment that could make him rich. The skeptics and self-proclaimed “professionals” who ought to have reasonably foreseen were completely off base. You can only guess how much of a profit Logic earned when he bought Bitcoin when its value was just over $10,000.


It would seem that the revolution has already begun, with so many famous people and large institutions placing their bets on Bitcoin. However, we are aware that Bitcoin has value in the eyes of the world’s most influential people, even if its widespread acceptance and ability to retain its present value remain uncertain.