Can Gala Coin Reach $100: Price Prediction for the P2E Gaming Token

A platform based on the blockchain called Gala (GALA) allows non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be integrated into video games. The Gala Games infrastructure seeks to serve as a flexible blockchain network that allows the establishment and operation of blockchain-based P2E games. 

The platform allows participants power over the creation of video games. Everybody can contribute a game concept to the network, and GALA hubs then choose the submissions they wish to see made into Gala gameplay.

By employing GALA as a fungible token that permits the transfer of revenue between games being played on the Gala Games framework, Gala hopes to establish an interconnected gaming environment that gives players blockchain-based sovereignty over the resources they acquire or receive in video games.

In the gameplay, gamers can exchange, sell, or keep the in-game commodities they have earned outside of the tournaments in which they are discovered. Gala Games has so far developed a broad range of games with some good titles like Battlestar Galactica. 

Can Gala coin reach $100? This is the question every trader has in his mind. To find out whether Gala coin can reach $100, continue reading.

Video Game Development

The development of online gaming that utilizes blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens is Gala Games’ most prominent feature. To accomplish this, the corporation will establish a specialized unit solely dedicated to the manufacture of blockchain applications.

To date, there are a total of nine games readily accessible on the Gala Games network, and only Spider Tanks and Town Star are in beta testing. The premiere date for the following game, Mirandus, was originally set for December 2021, although it was later moved towards the end of 2022 or probably 2023. Other ventures’ release dates are likewise unpredictable.

Gala Game’s Tokenomics

Both the BEP-20 and ERC-20 versions of GALA are supported by the BNB Smart Chain. The platform intended to switch to a separate network dubbed GalaChain in 2022. The project’s management claims that this would expedite operations, lower their expense, and address various technical challenges with Ethereum that are impeding the initiative’s long-term development.

The platform will be employed to buy non-fungible tokens and compensate for licensing to manage networks, as stated on the program’s webpage. Each video game initiative will have the choice of launching its own coin at the exact same time, which can be traded and bought on the Gala Games platform as well as on digital currency exchange platforms and intermediaries.

The Play-To-Earn Model

Since these are unrestricted P2E types of games, Gala Games asserts that just about any user can not only engage in their tournaments but also generate income from them without being required to invest in any expenditures. This is not wholly accurate, though. Take the released recently application Town Star as an example. 

There are two methods for a player to earn the intrinsic currency of the Town venture and exchange it for actual money: by performing activities or by engaging in and achieving weekly championships. 

But the user must have a minimum of one distinctive NFT product in order to successfully complete missions; this product can only be purchased if the user has a first-level membership on the Gala Games platform. Thus, it is somewhat equivalent to staking.

Since individuals with unique NFTs have an edge over other competitors, competing in championships cannot also be a viable option. For instance, NFT designs may boost material productivity levels or reduce premiums. Individuals lacking these NFTs are therefore unlikely to be capable to win the competition and thereby generate income in the real world. 

Such a strategy is primarily a pay-to-win concept and therefore cannot be considered to be play-to-earn.

4 Aspects to Ponder Prior to Actually Buying Gala Coin

By 2026, a majority of people will devote at least an hour every day to earning, entertaining, or researching in the metaverse, suggests a new analysis from a trend-spotting company. Gala Game Token is a virtual currency that is already well-positioned to expand and capitalize on that upcoming trend (GALA). 

But before committing to a purchase, you must become informed of the following four aspects regarding this prospective metaverse game.

1. They Might Get Their Independent Blockchain

The corporation said on its website in 2022 that it was close to establishing its own blockchain. Presently, the GALA infrastructure is powered by Ethereum, a cryptocurrency with a reputation for high costs for transactions and network unresponsiveness. 

According to the GALA article, these inefficiencies will be mitigated by switching to GalaChain, the company’s dedicated server.

“Our private blockchain is coming along nicely, thus we hope that transitioning to GalaChain will deliver our supporters many of the most anxiously awaited developments of the calendar year. This blockchain was specifically developed for Gala Games; it will certainly lower transaction expenses and alleviate a number of Ethereum-related challenges that may otherwise limit long-term performance,” the website entry states.

2. The Gala Coin is at a 69% Low Rate

As per, the digital token is struggling to sell at $0.22 per coin, a 69% decrease from its $0.71 value top attained in November last year. Furthermore, the website assesses GALA’s market capitalisation at a stunningly meagre $1.5 billion, positioning the business to #58 worldwide. 

A rise of more than 50 times its actual price is realistically attainable for GALA’s development priorities, given the continuously increased popularity of the virtual world and non-fungible tokens, in combination with its massively discounted selling price.

3. The Gala Coin Saw an Increment of 50,829% in the Previous Year

This play-to-earn gaming platform uses blockchain technology that allows players to accumulate tokens by achieving milestones and in-game activities. In order to obtain cryptocurrency that can be transferred for many other crypto assets, including money, individuals can also develop and exchange non-fungible tokens within the gameplay or through non-game-based marketplaces.

Because of its breakthrough economic concept, GALA must have seen the worth of its utility coin surge by 50,829% the year before, outperforming other well-known virtual worlds initiatives like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. This venture does have the ability to expand after the setback from last year.

4. They Have an NFT Collection & a Superb Community

They also have a renowned NFT piece called VOX that it introduced, and there is a thriving passive investment for those looking to buy those items. In fact, one of the firm’s non-fungible tokens got acquired the previous year for $3 million. The programmers continually strive for opinions from the GALA community concerning the genres of applications they desire the developers to end up creating and include on the network.

This kind of community-based digital game designing, along with the previously reported sources of player contribution, creates a particularly engaging gameplay experience. Gala Games is planning the releases of a science fantasy real-time strategy gameplay, a fantasy role-playing league, and a tower-defence tournament this year after responding to the audience.

Gala Coin Price Prediction

Currently, the Gala coin is standing at a value of US$0.05274. So, can Gala coin reach $100? Let’s find out from the analysis of the next 7 years.

Price Prediction for 2022

The price was predicted to exceed the $0.11 threshold, in accordance with a price forecast by a cryptocurrency specialist. By the conclusion of the fiscal year, the Gala was expected to reach a standard rate of $0.11. Furthermore, the value of GALA rose as high as $0.15.

Price Forecast for 2023

The price is currently $0.05274, although, by the conclusion of 2023, the overall Gala value is anticipated to reach $0.12. The forecasted lowest and peak prices are $0.11 and $0.13, respectively. 

Price Prediction for 2025

The projected statistical results indicate that the value of GALA will definitely surpass the $0.16 benchmark. Sometime this year, Gala wishes to charge a minimum of $0.15. A price ceiling of $0.20 is also a consideration for GALA’s value.

Price Prediction for 2030

In accordance with the estimate, GALA’s worth would likely surpass $0.39. But by the conclusion of the fiscal year, the virtual token is also expected to attain the $0.38 cost baseline. Additionally, the token’s price has the possibility to go as high as $0.42.

The Road to the Future: Can Gala Coin Reach $100?

1.3 million individuals are currently engaged in Gala Games. They acquired almost 26,000 non-fungible tokens all at once, including the most valuable going for $3 million. These numbers represent the organization’s overall remarkable achievements. The intermediate- and long-term prognosis for Gala Games is still questionable, though.

The method by which computer games are developed is incredibly difficult, pricey, and uncertain. A very intriguing video game with interesting programmers and unrestricted money has frequently collapsed tragically after distribution in the gaming industry’s history. As a result, it is quite challenging to envision the future of just about any enterprise in this category.

It seems that the destiny of Gala Games completely relies on how well their video games function. The organization will continue to be active if it can attract a substantial crowd and generate money. Gala Games will become yet another enterprise that digital games have decimated if this is the case.

So, what do you think, Can Gala Coin Reach $100?

Well, it doesn’t seem to reach $1 by 2030, so predicting such a high value will be a total guess. If the currency keeps hitting the anticipated targets, then it will reach $100 in about 2057. It is still a really big gamble and guesses, so we should focus on the currency hitting the $1 mark first and see how things will go from there.