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Bitboy Crypto Net Worth: What’s His Story?

Ben Armstrong is a cryptocurrency investor, writer, and creator of an educational institution for those who want to learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies. His subscribers call him “BitBoy Crypto,” which is his moniker. One of the most successful media celebrities in the bitcoin industry is this individual. He does not run a cryptocurrency exchange or a fund, and he does not consider himself to be a “bitcoin whale.” The individual has millions of followers on various social networks as well as on YouTube. Ben enlightens them on the current state of the digital asset market. Because he maintains an upbeat attitude at all times, one could reasonably wonder how he manages to keep his financial resources continually topped up.

Bitboy Crypto: An Introduction

Ben Armstrong is a crypto millionaire who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He became wealthy by investing in cryptocurrency. Because of the widespread appeal of his videos. The crypto influencer, on the other hand, has not had an easy life. Armstrong was a heroin addict in the years that came before he began investing in cryptocurrency. To get his life back on track, he underwent extensive treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

While discussing his background in a video posted on his website, he stated, “I believe that anybody who wants to undertake a major shift in their lives, I believe it isn’t a question of will, I believe it isn’t an issue of believing ‘right I absolutely must accomplish this and I’m trying to accomplish it, it’s truly a question of giving up.”

“About myself, I was assisted in the year 2007,” I said. I used to have a drug problem, and for the first 7 years of my addiction, it was precisely what I practiced each day. Eventually, I overdosed due to the number of drugs I was using.

“In 2007, after I had been in a coma for three days, I realized that I need assistance.

“I went to treatment centers for a total of two years. I was an in-patient and resident at the rehabilitation center for one year, and then I worked there as an interim for another year after that. After that, I had the epiphany that it was my duty in this life to assist other people.

In 2009, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at Toccoa Falls College Kennesaw State University, from which he received his degree four years later in 2012.

Armstrong, who was making positive changes in his life, launched the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel in 2018. He claims that he had initially thought that the movies would assist him in making enough money to purchase a house for his family. After attaining prosperity, he shifted his focus to assisting others who were less fortunate.

How old BitBoy Crypto is?

Ben Armstrong entered the world on October 27, 1982, and spent his formative years in Los Angeles. He is 39. Because the billionaire has chosen to keep his life secret, very little information is available regarding his childhood.

The Name Of Bitboy Crypto’s Spouse

Bethany Armstrong and Ben Armstrong are wedded to each other. It is thought that the two started going out on dates for the very first time somewhere between the years 2011 and 2012. It is unknown when exactly the ecstatic pair met, fell in love, and decided to start a new life together as husband and wife. They have three kids.

Armstrong often expresses his affection for and pleasure in his family, and he has said that spending time with his loved ones would always take precedence over his professional responsibilities.

In one of the videos, he is heard saying, “I usually prioritize my family foremost, and I prioritize my wife and kids before everything else.”

“As far as I got their backing, then I will be able to go on. Regarding this particular issue, I will not waiver in my stance.

When Exactly Did Bitboy Crypto Begin Making Investments In Crypto Assets?

In 2012, Ben Armstrong launched his first cryptocurrency investment.

He maintains that the purchase wasn’t trade at all, however instead that he was trying to acquire software from a firm that could only take cryptocurrencies as payment.

“I was required to educate myself on how to buy Bitcoin, how to store it in a wallet, and precisely how to perform payments with it. “Man, the whole thing was such a mess,” he told his fans.

“I only had a little money it felt like was in there – perhaps $50 – then suddenly, overnight, it grew to almost $2,000-3,000,” the person said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

After waiting another five years, in 2017, he finally decided to invest in cryptocurrencies on a full-time basis.

How Much Money Does Ben Armstrong Have In The Bank?

Ben Armstong’s wealth is estimated to be more than $24 million.

Throughout the beginning of the year, he revealed that the most valuable tangible resources he possessed were just a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante that was valued at $350,000, 7 homes that have been valued at a total of $5,000,000, and $1.5,000,000 in fiat cash. The remainder of Armstrong’s assets is entirely invested in various forms of cryptocurrency.

The Revenue Generated By Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto)

In 2012, Armstrong showed an initial interest in virtual currencies for the first time. After devoting a lot of time to research on the subject, he concluded that he should make many investments. At this point in life, he was earning an ordinary salary, therefore he did not devote a significant amount of funds to the first transaction. He timed his bitcoin investment well and came out ahead. Nevertheless, there were a few difficult moments along the way. Following that, there was an increase in the price of cryptocurrencies, which made it feasible to pay for the expenses.

The guy published the first version of his website in 2013. In only a few short years, he was able to build an online school, lead a team of pros, and master all of the tricks of the trade when it came to trading and investing.

At the close of 2017, Ben saw the greatest increase in his profit. His income came from dividends that he received as a result of the increase of bitcoin and other of the top altcoins, which he had purchased the previous year. There are no precise figures available for this period, but all indicators point to the fact that he earned his first million dollars during the bull surge in December 2017.

Now he makes money as a result of the very popular blog that he maintains on Twitter and YouTube. BitBoy is a crypto lover through and through, yet he may easily make up to $500,000 a year via the commercialization of his YouTube channel, marketing on social networks both directly and indirectly, school fees, and the selling of copyright items. The whole of this is intimately related to crypto assets, but it is an investment that is more reliable and has less risk for Armstrong. As a result, providing evidence of his riches won’t be the least bit difficult for him to do. Those who are just starting could assume that this is due to a string of profitable deals. In contrast, it is not. His financial situation is more stable than most.

What Are Ben Armstrong’s Current Cryptocurrency Holdings?

BitBoy Crypto does not make specific information on its asset allocation public. He is an advocate for the most prominent cryptocurrencies. He never wavers in his defense of the argument that there must be bitcoin present in the investor’s wallet. You may be certain that he has an adequate amount of ETH. It doesn’t concern hundreds of dollars or thousands of cents. The cryptocurrency value of each of his crypto assets is assumed to be somewhere around 100 BTC, and it is assumed that there are around 100 BTC in his banks.

He displayed, more than once, a list of the alternative cryptocurrencies that he had acquired. Although he has no qualms about presenting reports on his work, he does it very seldom. You have to be aware of the fact that a shrewd investor is aware of the appropriate times to sell off their assets. As a result, information that is merely one month old is likely to lack much of its original relevance. The blogger adopts a stance that is quite knowledgeable. Because of this, it is challenging to comprehend the choices he has in his private life.

The Verdict

The person who dominates the public perception is worth a million dollars. He is always adding to his financial resources. In the year 2021, he presented his portfolio, the value of which had been estimated at $10 million at the time. This quantity is much lower now. The ups and downs of the market have a significant impact on his net worth, but they are unable to dislodge him from his position of dominance. The most likely amount is three million dollars. One-half of this total is comprised of savings in bitcoin, ether, and a few other alternative cryptocurrencies that show promise.