Best Crypto Coin To Buy Under $1

Bitcoin is the most valuable crypto-coin today. But did you know that it was at $1 in April 2011? Mind-blowing! There’s no chance that Bitcoin will reverse to the same price. There are other crypto coins under $1 with the potential to reach where Bitcoin is in the near future. Looking to buy the best crypto coin to buy in 2022?

We have analyzed the market and come up with the 7 best crypto coins to buy that are under $1 for anyone to invest in.

Let’s dive in. 

5 Best Crypto Coin to Buy Today

Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Solana are well-known cryptocurrencies that almost everybody knows about. We are not going to talk about them as why we consider them the best crypto coin to buy. We will instead discuss digital currencies that many investors miss out on. 

Stellar Lumens (XLM) – $0.2

Stellar [XLM], an open network, facilitates banking institutions with money storing and cross-border transfers. The network offers its native coin Lumens as a medium through which the users can enjoy lower transaction costs. Stellar is ranked #29 on Coinmarketcap with a $0.204 price per coin with a market capitalization of $4 Billion. All these facts make Stellar the best crypto coin to buy today.

Why Does Stellar Have the Growth Potential? 

Transactions fees are a major entry barrier for some traders when transferring funds or assets to another country’s account. The open network only charges a 0.00001 XLM as a congestion fee, which is delightful for traders knowing they hold the money. So, it’s proof that more people will use Stellar, and the demand for Lumens will grow, resulting in a price surge.

Algorand [ALGO] – $0.7

Algorand is a decentralized platform where users can create applications in a secure environment. It’s a blockchain-based platform with a market valuation of $5 billion, making it one of the best crypto coins to buy for even new investors with no funds. Algorand also promotes low transaction fees with quicker transactions. 

Why does Algorand have the Growth Potential?

The best feature that Algorand offers is the PoS (proof-of-stake) smart contracts with the permission less protocol. The purpose is to lower transactions for crypto trading in a secure environment. This is one reason why ALGO will reap benefits.

Polymath – $0.4

Polymath is a regulated blockchain created to tokenize securities using technology. The platform is a flagbearer of establishing a standard for security on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can manage their security assets more simply on Polymesh than on any other network, with all the data secured on the ledger.

Why does Polymath have the Growth Potential?

Polymath is the best crypto coin to buy as it revolutionizes the security market. It’s making consistent efforts to tokenize security investments. The security market is beneficial and yields profits, so Polymath will surely move forward in the coming years. 

The existing markets where you can sell, buy, and trade security are operating only at a fraction. In contrast, Polymath aims to extend the service hours to 24/7. Making things easier for security traders.

VeChain – $0.06

VeChain is a blockchain-as-a-service platform for the best crypto coin to buy that’s under $1 because it works with blockchain and combines hardware with smart contracts. The blockchain aims to simplify supply chain problems using IoT and distributed governance. VeChain is a best crypto coin to buy enabling an ecommerce experience with blockchain for data sharing across different platforms among many users. 

Why does VeChain have the Growth Potential?

VeChain aims to industrialize the traditional business industry into a blockchain-backed supply chain model. Manufacturers across all industries can use VeChain to track, protect and organize the data they have at hand through automation and smart contracts. Users can use the platform and transact via fiat currencies lowering the gas fee costs.

Shiba Inu – $0.3

Shiba Inu is a meme coin that Elon musk endorsed probably because he could see the potential, which made the coin’s price shoot through the sky. The coin is heading towards an NFT space by collaborating with global dog artists. This makes the Shiba Inu community a better source for the coin’s value than its technical statistics.

Why does Shiba Inu have the Growth Potential?

Shiba Inu coin has supporters from around the world which makes it the best crypto coin to buy today. It holds global recognition, and it’s ranked #15 on Coinmarketcap because of the same reason. As per predictions, Shiba Inu can reach a better price by the end of 2025. But, it’s still a risky investment considering other options in our list of best crypto coins to buy in 2022.


Digital currencies can be highly lucrative if you know which asset to invest in. Often, these stats don’t always stand valid due to the market’s volatility. However, it’s important to study the market trends and how the crypto market works before you tip your toes into the DeFi industry. Investing wisely is the only way to stay safe in the digital financial market.