Shibarium Blockchain Launch Date: What is The Blockchain All About?

Ryoshi, Shiba Inu creator plans to raise its price based on the successful debut and huge fan base of the dog meme-themed, Shiba Inu. But, what’s the Shibarium blockchain launch date, and what are the developers’ plans for the new blockchain to make it succeed?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the functional currency of ShibaSwap, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange (DEX). It’s been labeled the “Dogecoin killer.” Furthermore, Ryoshi announced Shiba’s current growth plans for the Shibarium ledger layer-2 solution in late 2021. Shibarium can also support SHI, the newest Shiba coin.

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What is Shibarium Blockchain About?

Shibarium blockchain L2 or Layer-2 is built by the Shiba Inu project team. It’s yet to be made official as a public blockchain. The entire team specializes in upgrading its main host chain, Ethereum.

Shibarium blockchain promises faster processing at lesser prices which is incredible. It can also serve as a testing environment for blockchain coders. In addition, the interface will make Shiba Inu NFT gaming and metaverse implementations easier.

In addition, Ryoshi stated in the journal entry announcing the Shibarium venture that the network will have “low if not zero” mass action charges. Also, in a very Shiba Discord AMA, Shytoshi Kusama, the Shibarium Project Lead, stated that “Shibarium will give minimal prices for each of its services, games, or whatever develops there.” 

What’s Special with Shibarium?  

One of Ethereum’s most serious issues is its increased gas costs. Whenever the Shiboshi NFTs were introduced, Shiba’s reliance on the Ethereum platform contributed to the high gas price. 

Shibarium will feature the new Shiba Stablecoin, SHI. Shibarium blockchain differs from other blockchain systems in that it is designed specifically for the product or service in question. 

It’s ideal for companies looking to use blockchain technology because it has a shorter turnaround speed and reduced processing fees than other public blockchains. 

Shibarium will use two core tokens, BONE, and SHI, to achieve its objectives.

SHI and BONE: What Shibarium Brings to the Table with Native Tokens?

All SHIB token owners will access unique possibilities to mint BONE tokens once Shibarium is launched. On the ShibaSwap network, the residual SHIB and LEASH tokens will serve their core functions at periodic times. Because of the base token, BONE will be used for all activities on Shibarium.

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When the Shibarium layer-2 resolution is released, BONE will have better technologies. Shibarium will employ BONE as its native currency to focus on decentralization and create a new player in the market. 

According to CoinGecko, BONE has 250,000,000 tokens and a current supply of 62,343,179. BONE’s token comic approach is to have the three-token system’s median supply (SHIB, LEASH, and BONE).


When the project debuts, SHI might be a future stablecoin that runs on Ethereum and Shibarium. SHI intends to become a global financial asset, fiat currency, and means of trade.

Most stablecoins are linked to $1, but SHI is set to $0.01 to ensure that it is available to everybody, everywhere in the globe. As a result, stablecoin will be able to allow transactions of all kinds in a variety of nations.

The Shibarium blockchain launch date is mere speculation as there are no official dates shared with the public. 

Shibarium Blockchain Launch Date

Shibarium might arrive at any time. It’s a huge spark that we’re all anticipating in 2022. It is, in fact, the Shiba ecosystem’s most powerful catalyst. Several other catalysts, such as the Metaverse and the merging of the ecosystem with Shibe leash and Bone, would not be conceivable without Shibarium.

Even though Shibarium has been packaged for launch since the summer of 2021, there seems to be little information on the internet about the network, specific processes, or a launch date! Nonetheless, we realize that the layer-2 solution will help scale the number of good collective bargaining agreement chains, such as Ethereum. 

Shiba Inu will launch a whole slew of new features, all of which will be issued the same year, despite the repackaging for the debut of ShiIn 2022. The ShibaNet ecosystem includes ShibaNet, Shibosis, and Shibarium, always expanding with new services and applications. 


Although there are little to no solid details about when Shibarium is available, these are some of the primary objectives of the blockchain and one of which will be to reduce processing fees for Shiba network participants. 

Apart from Shibarium, speculators have it as Shibarium will release the SHI virtual currency in 2022. The Shiba network would gain the fourth token as a result of this. This information will assuage token holders who have been anticipating it.