Blockchain For Babies: Introduce Your Babies To The World Of Blockchain

Parents are held responsible for the mental growth of their children. So they must understand what they are feeding their children. Here we are not talking about the feeding of food we are talking about the feeding of knowledge. As to what type of knowledge you would like to give to your children from the very beginning. It can be fantasy stories of some prince or princess, or it can be stories of some fierce leaders, or it might general conduct and behavioral content, or it can even be some technology-related stuff like the one mentioned in the title, Blockchain For Babies.

It all depends on your and your child’s interest and where it lies. In this post, we will drive you through some ways this blockchain book might help you and your baby with the basics of blockchain. But before that, we would like you to know the author and the book.

The Author Of Blockchain For Babies – Chris Ferrie 

The famous author, expert in physics and mathematics, and remarkable researcher, Chris Ferrie is one of the prominent names in the field. He carries out academic research as a Quantum Physics enthusiast and drives his curiosity in other fields as well. By having a look at his work we can surely say that he is no less than a technology lover who spends most of his life exploring technology and enlightening others with his work.

This graceful personality who wrote Blockchain For Babies was born in Canada and got his degree in mathematical physics from the University of Waterloo. Later, Ferrie completed his Ph.D. in applied mathematics through the Institute of Quantum Computing where his interest in quantum physics and mathematics gained momentum. Exploring his fields of studies and his research work might distract us from the main topic so we will conclude his academics here as he has achieved a lot in his life.

In 2018 Ferrie was involved in making technology accessible and understandable for children or toddlers so he founded the children’s book joint that is famous worldwide as The Baby University. The Baby University entails a list of books usually board ones or picture ones that help the younger generation to better understand the complex topics of physics, mathematics, science, robotics, and even blockchains.

Further, he worked to make a series of educational videos for children that were amazing as they had the fun element with an animated koala bear and knowledgeable topics too. There is much more of his work worth mentioning but here we will talk more about his book.

Blockchain For Babies

Introducing your child to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies might be a good idea for keeping the baby aware of what he will eventually get to deal with in the coming years. Maybe you already know about blockchain but let us tell you. Blockchain is the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets. It comprises blocks of data stored and when one block is filled up with data it gets attached to the previous one forming a chain. Hence the book explains the process more conveniently for toddlers as it has attractive images and very less text.

The book Blockchain For Babies has 12 pages and a hardback. Even the pages are cardboard ones making the book durable. Parents often fear that the sharp edges of a book might hurt their young ones but here the good news is that this book has all four edges curved so that the smoothness won’t hurt or put a scratch on your beloved ones. As Ferrie stated, it is both for parents and children because the book can introduce any novice to the world of blockchain in easy terms.

How You Can Shape Your Child’s Interest With Blockchain For Babies?

When it comes to determining where the interest of a child lies two ways shape your child’s interest. One way is nature’s process. Whatever your child naturally starts liking whether you introduce them to it or not. It comes from the subconscious that one begins to like certain things out of curiosity or obsession. One doesn’t have any control over how to respond to their stimuli when it comes to such subconscious likings. In such a case, even if you expose your child to some other things to pique their interest they will not incline toward that thing instead they will fall for the thing that piqued their interest subconsciously. This unintentional interest is nature’s process.

You might be wondering what is the unnatural way to make your child inclined towards anything. The second way that is completely non-natural entails what parents feed in the mind of their children. This might sound manipulative but it’s not how it sounds. Most kids are indecisive and they end up either liking everything you introduce them to or not liking things they have been introduced to. In such a case parents should take the steering wheel of the confusing jet their kids are traveling and land it in a particular direction. Here we don’t mean to say that one should only get knowledge of the things they are interested in. Instead, one should know about everything but has to shape their mindset on one particular thing to set some goals.

As we all know that the world is digitizing almost everything day by day. And even the monetary system is switching gradually from conventional fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies so the youth must know this new technology from the very beginning. Once you will start feeding chunks of technology to your little one he or she will eventually develop a taste for this innovative technology. The book is not intended to make your child a crypto investor it is just to make him aware of blockchain technology.


This remarkable addition to the series of Baby University is a masterpiece in itself as it very efficiently and easily describes this complex technology to children. It also showcases the mechanism of this technology with illustrations and eye-catching images. For further details, you will have to try it yourself. Thanks for reading our blog!