Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k: Are Bitcoin Owners In Danger?

Coin markets have been extremely volatile recently, which has caused a significant reduction in the value of Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k, down from a low of $20,000. Stablecoins have been on a downward since early May, and this is a significant shift in the market’s trajectory.

It all started on Friday, when the May US CPI figure came out, another inflation blow to the global economy. On June 14, 2022, the Federal Reserve started a policy discussion that lead to a larger interest rate increase. 

Bitcoin Nature Then & Now: Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k

Risk assets, such as stocks, consumables, high-yield bonds, currencies, and Bitcoin, fluctuate in price often, regardless of market conditions.

Until lately, People saw Bitcoin as a safe haven from the ups and downs of the stock market. That isn’t the case now. Inflation, share prices, and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies all have an influence on the profitability of risk assets, such as Bitcoin and the wider crypto market.

There have been a number of 50 percent decreases in Bitcoin’s value since 2009. Also, the previous major sell-off was not that long ago: After China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining, Bitcoin’s value dropped beneath $30,000 in July 2021.

Even still, Bitcoin has not shown to be a very effective hedge, especially after Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k. Consequently, if you are ready to invest in Bitcoin, losses of 50% are very normal. It’s an essential part of the experience.

Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k: The Impact Of Demand-Supply On The Bitcoin’s Prices 

The price of Bitcoin is influenced by market forces, just like every other traded asset. Bitcoin’s value, on the other hand, may be affected by some worldwide fundamental events. The demonetization of Indian banknotes in 2016 had a favorable impact on Bitcoin, for example. There was a 20 percent premium on the cost of the cryptocurrency in India as compared to others.

The 2019 bullish divergence may be linked to Facebook’s announcement of the Libra project, which was made public just a few years ago. The bull run began to lose steam as news of Libra’s regulation’s sturdiness appeared in the media. They have tens of thousands of BTC in their possession, which is sufficient to cause big daily price swings.

Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k: What Is The Reason Behind It? 

Volatility is difficult for crypto investors to cope with but many investors accept it as part of a game.

  • Post-Pandemic Inflation 

Inflationary pressures, persistent concerns about the country’s ongoing battle with COVID-19, and recent regulatory steps by the United States government, notably Vice President Biden’s executive order, have all contributed to recent price fluctuations. It doesn’t take much to cause large price swings in a field as new and unknown as bitcoin.

  • Impatient Sellers 

There may be new short-term traders who are liquidating their Bitcoin holdings in response to the recent downturn. Bitcoin Dipped To $17.5k according to research by Glassnode Insights, a network analytical firm.

  • Fusion Of Problems 

Bitcoin and Ethereum down due to a variety of issues. It includes the recent ban on crypto services in China, investing in other coins, and noble claims. Sell-offs could become “all the more savage” as a result of this confluence of variables.

Experts, on the other hand, believe that cryptocurrency’s recovery will be speedier than equity’s in the 1980s when it moved far more slowly. Instead of throwing up in fear, attempt to accept the volatility by keeping your bets small. You can tolerate volatility if your investment is small.

Should Traders Invest In Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin’s popularity has risen as a result of reasonably safe platforms like Coinbase, which have made the currency more accessible to the public. There were a lot of tech-savvy beginners who were able to get their hands on Bitcoin, and a niche of media was created to help the general people comprehend how to convert their money for Bitcoin and then utilize that cryptocurrency to purchase stuff like food. You can also sell it for a much better future price by investing money now, rather than waiting for the market to recover.